Recognize Tumor Disease Type

Tumor Disease is a disease caused by abnormal cell growth. Basically, the body will always replace the cells - the cells are damaged or die with new cells and this process occurs by itself. But sometimes there is an unbalanced cell growth between cells that die with new cells, this is what causes the onset of tumors.

Tumor disease known as consisting of two types of tumor, the tumor is benign and malignant tumors. Benign tumors are usually only in the form of lumps and can grow growing local place and do not attack the other parts around it. However, benign tumors can be very dangerous when it is at a certain derah such as the brain, because it can suppress the growth surrounding tissue.

In contrast to malignant tumors or commonly known as cancer. Malignant tumors have hazardous properties. Spread nature and can infect other organs around it. Therefore, treatment of this tumor type should be handled so as not to spread rapidly and can cause death. Cancer cells can be separated from its mother and cancer cells can be carried by the blood, spreading to other body tissues.

There are many factors that cause the growth of tumor cells. One of them is heredity, where parents who have or have had a tumor disease will possibly passed down to his son. Other factors are external factors which usually influenced by a person's lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, unhealthy diet, alcohol and even excessive sun exposure can cause this disease rub.

Tumor disease be detected early. With the appropriate handler can prevent this disease becomes tunor malignant or cancerous. Thus the possibility of the worst of these tumors can be minimized.

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